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In times of change, an organization’s most valuable asset is its collective knowledge and experience. That collective knowledge —the “human DNA” of an organization—doesn’t reside in the hierarchy. It grows in informal social networks—the Hubs, Gatekeepers, and Pulsetakers who know what’s really going on and how to get things done.

Unlike the imposed hierarchies of command and control, the relationships between people in an organization create the real pathways of knowledge—essentially the pathways of trust. According to organizational behavior experts, an organization’s collective knowledge and experience, embodied in informal networks, is its most valuable asset during times of change. By X-raying the social networks that form this hidden world of operating principles, we can begin to understand the sources—and nurture the forces—of power that exist in organizations.

Through InsNetwork analysis we gives you an integrated methodology and toolset for effectively analyzing social networks.

With InsNetwork Social Network Analysis, we can help your organizations with strategic initiatives such as:

  • Aligning organizational cultures with business performance

  • Locating and retaining valuable knowledge workers

  • Asserting, assessing, and quantifying critical intellectual capital

  • Identifying and reducing risk for effective and efficient knowledge transmission during mergers & acquisitions

  • Identifying actions and priorities to close gaps between present and desired future states

  • Making the best hires and assimilating new employees faster

  • Organizing optimal workspace layouts and teams

Uncover chronic organization issues:

  • Where ideas get bottlenecked, and how they get widely disseminated

  • Why key employees are not retained over time

  • Why people run away from, rather than toward, necessary risk

With the help of InsNetwork diagnostic tool we will give you a bird’s-eye view of your organization’s knowledge capital. It allows you to analyze network structures along various dimensions including local and global issues, across division boundaries, and up and down hierarchical levels.

Identify the hidden networks, and how they influence organizations and behaviors

Analyze and diagnose results, and prescribe appropriate interventions

Apply the tools for measuring desired objectives and calculating project ROI

The innovative InsNetwork methods, algorithms, software, and diagnostic tools will enable you for the first time to add the social and human capital measures to traditional business performance. You can thereby leverage the human knowledge capital embedded in those networks for a variety of strategic initiatives.

Internal OD practitioners: Discover how to get your change efforts embraced rather than bottlenecked

External OD consultants: Increase your value to clients with this unique cutting-edge methodology

Human resource professionals: Attract and retain highly qualified employees

Knowledge capital experts: Customize corporate learning strategies for the highest yield

Workspace architects and interior designers: Facilitate the interactions that make organizations effective

InsNetwork maps and measures social capital in a business enterprise. InsNetwork’s novel approach says more about how to monetize trust and less about monitoring email traffic. InsNetwork has developed easy-to-implement net-native business solutions that map, analyze and measure knowledge networks. From this diagnostic, a firm’s performance may be prognosticated. For the first time, firms have a direct and accountable measure of their ROI in terms of human and social capital. It’s not just the training and skills that go into developing a person; it’s how that person is strategically connected in networks and placed in a work environment.

How do we do it? InsNetwork identifies the critical carriers of knowledge, the DNA of culture, by identifying and diagnosing the cultural genome of an organization.

Since the newly quantified asset is intellectual, not traditional capital, what are the inherent liabilities and risks? As in any utility there are risks inherent in structure: degradation, infiltration and corruption. InsNetwork can identify potential risks to a firm’s valuable intellectual asset. Conceivably this new form of risk metrics could be used to insure and protect against loss or disease through effective gene splicing before acquired organizational immune deficiencies have a chance to spread and cause real damage. The value-add of reducing risk for effective and efficient transmission of knowledge within single, multiple or merged cultures is the true management of tacit knowledge.

Since the asset is intellectual, what are the benefits? Social capital has been the missing link in the performance equation that only valued human capital (skills, talents and experience) as measured hierarchically. The very nature of traditional performance measures is limited and only half-right. Now by adding together the social and human capital measures, the intellectual capital of any firm can be asserted, assessed and quantified. InsNetwork takes the uncertainty out of managerial practice by making these “intangible” assets tangible and the management of them and their associated risks a reality.

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